Thursday, January 24, 2013

BBC and celebrity sightings

So after a lovely Tuesday, my week keeps getting better and better. Yesterday morning my European Mass Media class took a field trip to the BBC Television Centre. It was especially cool we got to do this, because in the next few weeks, that building will be vacant, and BBC will be in another location. 

The tour was incredible. I learned so much. 

Did you know they paint the floor every time a show uses that particular studio? It's hand painted and cleaned off in the same day! 


Studio. Insane.

I got to do an interactive weather and newscast. It was so much fun. Hopefully they save those somewhere and they decide to hire me someday because I am amazing.

Wednesday night, we went out to dinner with our flat mate's stepdad to a restaurant on Earls Court. called Balans. We got a three course meal for only 

To start, I got bruschetta with wild mushrooms and a fried duck egg, beer battered haddock with chips and mushed peas for dinner and a bread and butter pudding with hot custard for desert. I decided to be really traditional, and even though some of it looks or sounds gross, it was not that bad! 

By the way, had a minor celebrity sighting at Balans! I've been shamefully watching the show Made in Chelsea on my Netflix UK account since I got here. Why? Because it's filmed all around my neighborhood in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. (I sound so cool that I live here.) I was panicking whether or not to go over and say hello to Cheska and Ollie from the show, but then my friends went over anyway! We all said hello and they were really nice! I'm glad we went over. 

Today, I saw John Lithgow on the Gloucester Road tube in passing. Tonight, I am going to my first event with my internship. Tomorrow, we go to Bath for two days.

Side note: Someday I will learn to effectively post pictures on here. I literally can't figure out how to make them look right.

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