Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Now that I have some wifi and time...

So it has been a crazy first two days in London so far. I won't get into every single detail, but there's a lot that has happened in only about 48 hours.

First, I have to say that Virgin Atlantic is a stunning airline with great service and decent food. However, if you don't fly first class (which has beds), you won't sleep. I maybe dozed off for a collection of 15 minutes or so during my six hour flight.

The process of getting off the plane, going through customs and getting checked into the hotel took about three hours. No one was fully functional. And then we had an orientation. Again, no one was fully functional. Then came the flat hunt. Now, it's all been a blur at this point, but I think we began our search by starting in a Starbucks or a Costa coffee to begin contacting landlords. The first place was saw would not fit four, the next place was ok, and the third place was too expensive. We also decided on a whim to go out last night and explore Picadilly Circus and Oxford, and found a great little jazz and live music bar. I got to meet Fran's boyfriend's friends too, so now we know even more people here!

The places today were disgusting. However, we got the pleasure of adding a fifth roommate, so we decided on the expensive place because with five people, because then it wasn't so expensive...for London. We're right in Kensington with a walk to the London Center that takes less than ten minutes, we're right by a Sainsbury's grocery store and utilities, wifi and kitchenware are all included in our glamourous flat. Trust me, it's glamourous for college students. I can't believe we got it. Earlier today my roommate Fran and I traveled around Hyde Park and found cheap froyo too!

After we got our flat, we went to another orientation and then had an amazing Italian dinner, complete with red wine and tiramisu, all for about 17 pounds. That's a bit much, but it's the first week. 

The first week, we're trying to get it all out of our system with all of the touring and sights and of course going out. 
Marble Arch

We stumbled upon Winston Churhill's flat!
We found a great local bar tonight called Queen's Arms right off of Gloucester Road. Strange enough, I found it in my handy new guidebook that my roommate Gen got me, and it is proving to be quite useful. This bar may be our little place. The food they had was decently priced and seemed good too! 

I'm slowly but surely figuring this whole thing out; geography, transportation, currency and a social life. Next comes the actual reason why I'm here. You know, school. That internship, too. 

It's so perfect and it's only day two.

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