Saturday, January 5, 2013


Let me begin by saying that I put so much time into figuring out the title for this blog, that at this point, it's as good as it's going to get. I like it. I like how the math worked out. Hopefully you get the reference.

It's Saturday afternoon, and my last full day in my hometown of North Reading, Massachusetts. I'm about 75% packed, and having a mild freakout that not everything will fit in my big suitcase and carry-on bag. I'm also worried the big suitcase is over the 50 pound limit. This has really put into perspective how many things I own. It's kind of absurd, especially since not everything is coming with me. 

Everything is falling into place. I have my passport and visa, new bank cards, power adapters and even a few British Pound Sterlings. (Is that the proper way to say it?) Tomorrow I'm getting on a bus at 10 a.m. in Boston to go to NYC. I'm staying the night at my roommate's house in New Jersey, and then Monday night we fly out of JFK for our seven hour and 20 minute flight. I'm not too excited for that part. I hate airports, and especially since this is my first time traveling overseas, it's going to be an added  annoyance, but I've heard it isn't so bad. I just hate flying. 

Once we get to London, we will be staying at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel for a week, and during that time we are to find our own flat for the semester. After that, classes and internships will begin. I'm taking three classes, that fall on two days of the week; British Youth Culture, European Mass Media and Drama in the London Theatre. Every other day, I will be interning at Newspepper. More to come on that- I have a meeting with my boss on the 15th to discuss what I will actually be doing, but it seems really fun and relevant to what I wanted for an internship. 

I am going to try to post on this blog every day, if not a few times a week, to document my travels in and around London. Right now, my list of places to go include Paris, Barcelona, Dublin, Berlin, Glasgow, Amsterdam and Rome. I hope to get to at least four of these places. 

Also, if you have any tips, suggestions or advice for my travels, do let me know! You can write me on Facebook or via email, but if you have my number (and a smartphone) then text/call me on Viber or Voxer. If you don't have a smart phone, I have a new number that I got (still connected on my smartphone) from an app called TextNow. 


(That's a thing people say in London, right?)

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