Sunday, January 27, 2013

I'm on an all carb diet...GOD, KAREN! YOU'RE SO STUPID.

The past few days have been a blur, but here's a summary in pictures.

London Bridge area on Thursday night with my internship.


You can touch these ones.

Glastonberry Abbey

Lazy Gecko Cafe in Glastonberry.

I'm now addicted to crumpets.

Wells Abbey

The cat was our guide.

Vicars Close: The oldest continuously inhabited street.

A wider look at the street.

After we checked into the hostel (which gave me very high expectations for future hostels), our flat mate Georgie's dad met up with us and we went to dinner, the pub below and explored Bath.
The Old Green Tree, pub in Bath.

Non-alcoholic shots.

Revolution, night club in Bath.

The Roman Baths

They told us not to touch the water. Guess what we did?

We made a wish.

Walking on water. Sort of.

Just chillin.

Sally Lunn Bun house.

Home of the famous Sally Lunn Bunn.

I'm sorry, there was so much we saw and I forget why this is important.

The Royal Crescent

Jacket. Potato.

A bigger look at Bath.
I'm so badass.
Majestic Stonehenge.
A night out at The Roxy back in London.

Sad news, a man committed suicide on our street this morning.

These prices are unreal. Best beigels ever.

We went to Avebury, Glastonberry Abbey, Wells, Bath and Stonehenge all in less than 48 hours.

I sustained myself with an all carb diet of crumpets, pasta, potatoes, scones and now beigels. Help me, they're delicious.

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